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PV Gallery & LEED Glass Gallery Sulptural Forms
PV ART Installation and LEED Credits:

Through the use of a photovoltaic sculpture we have the ability to bring the unfamiliar into the mindset of the general population, thus informing individuals about the use of the sun as an alternate energy source. This process of making the unusual commonplace is an important element in the educational process of encouraging people to use renewable energy sources. In this way a PV sculpture could be part of an Innovative Design credit as well as being part of the credits listed below. The use of P.V. Art can also reflect what your overall project represents.

Innovative Design Innovation and Design Process Credit 1
   A photovoltaic sculpture should help to meet an innovative design requirement, as it is an example of a renewable alternate energy. A photovoltaic sculpture can be an educational element not only for occupants but also for the community as a whole. A plaque along side the work would introduce the general public to photovoltaics and help to educate people about this alternate energy source.

Light Pollution Reduction Sustainable Sites Credit 8
   All sculptures will be designed to fit within the requirements for Light pollution as set by sustainable sites credit 8.

Renewable Energy Energy and Atmosphere Credit 2
   A photovoltaic sculpture could add to the renewable energy credit as it would be a source of renewable energy for itself and companion sculptures.

Resource Reuse Materials and Resources Credit 3
   Frames will be made with materials that are mostly non virgin, such as Stainless steel or FSC wood or salvaged wood.

Regional Materials - Materials and Resources Credit 5
   I live on Vancouver Island. The materials of the design will be from within my geographical area as set out by the Leed requirements, 500 km by road, 1500 km by rail or water.

Sandra is a member of Cascadia and the Canada Green Building Council.
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